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Triceratops Order: OrnithischiaSuborder: MarginocephaliaInfraorder: CeratopsiaFamily: CeratopsidaeAge: Late Cretaceous Period (approximately 70 mya)Locality: South Dakota, USAFormation: Hell Creek FormationTriceratops is easily recognized by its three horns and large frill formed by a bony structure protruding upwards behind the skull. This 9-m dinosaur used these distinctive features as defensive weapons against predators. It is also believed that Triceratops relied on these features to distinguish members of its own species, as well as to win mates in head-to-head wrestling. The front side of Triceratops' mouth resembled a parrot's beak and contained no teeth. Deep inside the mouth, however, numerous upper and lower teeth were packed closely together. Triceratops likely used its sharp beak to grab and pluck plants, then ground them with its teeth. Worn-out teeth were continuously replaced by new ones.

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April 14, 2010 6:00 PM PDT
Vancouver , BC, CA

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