Upcoming Sale of Northwest Coast and Canadian Art

Our current sale of Northwest Coast and Inuit Art/Canadian and Contemporary Art is headlined by two important works by Bill Reid.

The first is a limited edition cast gold piece titled The Raven and the First Men. This work is based off Bill’s major work that sits on display at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

Produced in 1991 only a limited number of five were produced along with one Artist Proof. The one featured in our sale is numbered #1/5.

The second work is a carved silver bracelet that Bill produced for his friend Bill Ellis, founder of Canadian Native prints. This bracelet depicts Eagle with Skaagii in his talons with a small human face peering over his head and is featured in Martine Reid’s book “Bill Reid Collected” on page 110.

Included in this sale are a variety of Bill Reid limited edition prints, argillite carvings by Rufus Moody and Tom Hans, and a selection of Northwest Coast masks by such artists as Tom Hunt, Beau Dick, and Joe David.

Garnering attention in the Canadian Art portion of the sale is a canvas by Ted Harrison as well as two watercolours by James Wilson Morrice, and a lovely colour woodcut titled Nasturtiums by W. J. Phillips.

We invite you to visit our website to view the current auction or come into our showroom to view the pieces in person.