Maynards Covid-19 Response


As we in the community navigate our way through the Covid – 19 Pandemic, our priority is to ensure the health and safety to our clients, staff and families.

We intend to maintain our auction schedule as posted, but because of the nature of Covid-19 we are limiting the access to our salerooms. Please feel free to use our online facilities for viewing, our staff will be happy to give detailed condition reports to all prospective bidders.

Some of our staff will be working from home or working different hours during this period. This may result in a slower than usual response to enquiries and we would appreciate your understanding.

As we are trying to restrict access to our saleroom, we ask you to please call ahead if you wish to speak to an appraiser or arrange collection of purchases. If you are seeking appraisals, we are happy to advise you via photographs as usual.

We will endeavor to keep you appraised of any changes via regular updates on our website.

Thank you for your assistance.


Hugh Bulmer, Vice President, Maynards Antique and Fine Arts Ltd.