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Platecarpus skeleton


Platecarpus sp. cf. P. somenensis Class: Reptilia 
Subclass: Diapsida 
Infraclass: Lepidosauromorpha 
Order: Squamata 
Suborder: Sauria 
Family: Mosasauridae 
Age: Late Cretaceous Period (approx. 80 mya) 
Locality: South Dakota, USA 
Formation: Pierre Formation
Mosasaurs were a group of lizards that evolved to live in the ocean. Their legs and feet became completely modified into flippers, which it is believed they used to steer as they swam in a snake-like fashion. Mosasaurs lived near the shores of a shallow sea, where they used their powerful teeth to prey on fish. Once a tyrant of the ocean, Mosasaurs were driven to extinction at the end of the Cretaceous Period around the same time dinosaurs disappeared from the land.

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